Prices are determined by the size of your project and the level of editing required.

Please get in touch to discuss your editing needs. Once we have assessed a representative sample of your manuscript, we will provide a quote that is tailored to your project. Your costs for agreed services will never exceed the quoted price. Where work is completed in a shorter time, you will be charged less than the quoted price. Variations to agreements are charged for at the appropriate rate.

Bluestocking Academic Editing offers a 20% discount for full-time postgraduate students. We are often able to offer fast turn-around pricing to help you meet your deadlines.

For theses, we require payment in advance. A deposit may be required for other large projects.

Bluestocking Academic Editing provides professional editing services to people who value high-quality work. For new clients, Bluestocking Academic Editing is pleased to offer a sample edit of a portion of your text. The cost of the sample edit is deducted from the total price if you choose to commission Bluestocking Academic Editing for your project.

To discuss your project, and for a no obligation quote, please email Claire at <> or use the contact form here.