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About Bluestocking Academic Editing

Claire Nettle PhD is an IPEd Accredited professional editor who specialises in working with academics in the social sciences. A dedicated and meticulous editor, Claire’s background in academic research and writing allows her to engage with complex ideas and brings an in-depth understanding of scholarly conventions and the rigours of academic life. Like Bluestocking Academic Editing’s clients, Claire is committed to the clear communication of important research and ideas.


Bluestocking Academic Editing provides high-quality substantive and copy editing services.

For academics, we edit:

Journal articles

Books and book chapters

Book proposals

Research reports

Conference papers and proceedings

Funding applications

Project acquittals.

FOR Universities, GOVERNMENT agencies and NGOs, WE EDIT:

Research publications

Training documents

Promotional collateral

Annual reports

Project acquittals

Grant applications.

For publishers, we edit:


Book chapters


Journal articles

Promotional materials.


Types of editing

Claire Nettle provides substantive and copy editing services, and edits theses within the guidelines for professional editors.

Substantive editing

Bluestocking Academic Editing’s substantive (or structural) editing addresses your document as a whole. It includes attention to:

  • the structure of your argument or narrative
  • the use of data
  • reference to your wider academic field
  • order, logic and flow
  • signposting and transitions to guide readers
  • consistency of authorial voice (particularly important for works with multiple authors)
  • suitability for intended audiences – publishers and readers.

Copy editing

Bluestocking Academic Editing’s copy editing services ensure your work is clear, polished and fit for purpose. This includes:

  • clarity and flow
  • freedom from errors (grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure)
  • language (consistency of tone and suitability for audience)
  • style (compliance with your publisher’s requirements)
  • referencing (completeness, accuracy and use of required conventions)
  • visual elements (heading hierarchy, captions, page layout, tables and figures, cross references within text and between text and figures)
  • discussion of suggested changes and queries via email.

Thesis editing

Bluestocking Academic Editing ensures your thesis is ready for your examiners and a wider audience.

As a professional editor, and full member of Society of Editors (SA) and the Institute of Professional Editors, Claire Nettle is bound by the Guidelines for Editing Research Theses, as established by the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies and the Australian Council of Graduate Research. The Guidelines provide important information for candidates and supervisors.

Within the Guidelines, Bluestocking Academic Editing can make sure that your thesis:

  • is free from distracting errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • adheres to academic conventions
  • is fully and correctly referenced in your required style
  • has correctly formatted tables and figures
  • contains all the required elements in the right order and format.

Styles and conventions

Bluestocking Academic Editing will ensure that your manuscript complies with all of the required conventions, whether that’s your journal or book publisher’s guidelines, your university’s requirements or your organisation’s unique house style or branding manual.

Australian Government Style

The standard for Australian media and publishing.

APA Style

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, widely used in the social sciences.


The Chicago Manual of Style is widely used in US publications in the social sciences and history.


The Australian Guide to Legal Citation sets standards for language and formatting as well as referencing conventions.

Publishers’ guidelines

Academic and trade publishers have their own style guidelines. Bluestocking Academic Editing has worked with a wide range of book and journal conventions. We can tailor our editing to comply with any style.

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